Aaron Barr, president of Franklin-based high precision machining contract manufacturer GMI Corporation announced today the hire of Tom Burich as National Sales and Marketing Manager.

The addition comes as GMI continues to expand its global footprint as a collaborative partner for medical device contract manufacturing. “We are extremely pleased to have Tom join our team. His vast experience is not only a benefit to our team, but to our clients as well, as we continue to be a go-to partner for the precision machining and contract manufacture of innovative devices,” says Barr.

About Tom Burich

Tom Burich brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to GMI Corporation to help us reach new customers and markets, as well as improve our communications and exposure in the industries we serve. Tom has extensive experience with strategic planning, product development, market research and analysis, and much more. He has worked for large, international medical device companies, worked within the pharmaceutical industry, and more. Tom will be a great asset to GMI, as we continue to grow and move forward. Welcome aboard, Tom!

About GMI Corporation

Indiana-based GMI Corporation is an ISO 13485-certified, FDA-registered, and ITAR registered collaborative contract manufacturer that has been providing sophisticated Swiss-style and multi-axis lathe capabilities for more than 35 years. Customers in the medical device, medical gas, RF connector, aerospace and defense industries rely on GMI for projects requiring intricate detail and tight tolerances (±0.0003″ / +/-.00762mm) on complex shafts, pins, screws, rods and other precision turned components. GMI brings value-added solutions with the ability to work with a wide range of materials, offering Class 8 clean room, assembly and subassembly services to bridge the gap for OEMs.

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