When it comes to medical devices, there’s no such thing as wiggle room. Medical devices rely on sophisticated designs and intricate parts to do their job with accuracy. That’s why GMI Corporation has invested in high-precision, versatile Swiss-style lathes that fit the challenges of the high-demanding medical device industry.

Key values of precision Swiss CNC Machining

With the ability to produce parts with diameters as small as 0.010 inches and tolerances as tight as 0.0001 inches, Swiss lathe turning is an ideal contributor to the medical device manufacturing process. Unlike traditional manufacturing, Swiss lathe turning machines rely on computer technology to produce consistent, seamless machine parts. The technology also offers additional advantages for medical device manufacturers:

Increased stability and precision: A CNC (computer numerical control) machine works in a fixed position with the raw material usually held firm at both ends. A Swiss lathe machine, on the other hand, can move along several axes during the manufacturing process for increased precision. It’s the ideal machine for creating long, slender parts in a consistent size and shape.

Better efficiency: Swiss lathes can perform multiple operations simultaneously, which reduces overall production time and increases output. It typically uses bar stock material, which allows for continuous and uninterrupted production, further enhancing its efficiency.

Versatility: Swiss lathe turning is capable of producing a wide variety of parts, from the simple to the very complex, and from small to large volumes. This flexibility makes Swiss lathe turning an ideal choice for prototyping and production runs.

The evolution of Swiss turning

Swiss watchmaker Jakob Schweizer is credited as the inventor the Swiss machine back in the mid-19th century. Swiss watchmakers needed tiny and precise components for wristwatches and pocket watches, and Schweizer conceived the idea of sliding parts along the longitudinal axis of the lathe instead of up and down a tool post. What worked for watch parts is now playing a starring role in lifesaving medical devices and other products that require precision parts.

GMI Corporation Can Deliver Your Swiss Turned Parts

GMI has more than 40 Swiss turn style lathes and Mazak multi-axis lathes with tolerance capabilities down to ±2/10,000 of an inch. Our experienced machinists are well-versed in Swiss-style machining and can produce complex metal components for demanding industries like medical devices. We are committed to holding ourselves to the highest standards for your project. Have an intricate detail or tight tolerance medical device component in development? GMI and Swiss lathe turning may be the precision solution to your manufacturing challenges. Let’s chat soon.

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