The market for precise parts is evolving, and GMI is responding with better equipment and capabilities to deliver the specific complex measurements our customers are demanding.

Better measuring capabilities

For years, GMI had been using a vision system to handle the more complex measurements on parts. In September 2022, GMI brought a new measurement machine to expand our measurement capabilities. The new machine added touch probe capability, laser distance, and a rotational measurement axis to the GMI’s measurement tool inventory. This upgrade allows us to measure and manufacture a wider variety of parts that were too complex for traditional measurement systems.

GMI machines small components with oddly shaped counter bores that require true position to .0005” in 3D space. The requirement is not a problem using our new measurement system. A flatness requirement of .0003” was easily checked using the interferometric laser range sensor quickly and reliably, with the assurance of hundreds of data points collected on the plane.

An additional axis for precise measuring

Typical CMM type machines have X, Y, Z measurement capability, but GMI added in a 4th measurement axis with a rotary add-on. This allows parts to be measured and rotated with the coordinate system following the rotation of the rotary fixture. This is advantageous when there are datums specified on opposite ends of parts that are used in true position callouts. The datum on one end can be accurately defined, the part rotated 180 degrees, and then the datum on the other side defined.

A no-touch approach for measuring delicate pieces

Some parts are delicate and so small that a touch probe isn’t practical. It’s not a problem because GMI can measure the parts with vision and the laser to achieve accurate results without touching the part. A recent order required cylindricity of .001” on a part less than 1” long and a diameter of .030”. The rotary fixture was used with vision and laser to measure the feature as intended per the GD&T requirement. Manual measuring, or measurement with touch probes, would have bent the parts, but the laser and rotary made it possible to check the parts.

Your go-to provider of complex parts

The software of GMI’s new machine allows easy importing of CAD files that assist in the programming of the machine and a graphical representation of the part in 3D space with the established coordinate system. The advanced software and measurement system, combined with GMI’s long history of providing high quality machined parts, assemblies, and medical devices, make GMI an attractive choice for whatever challenging requirements need to be met. Want to talk about how we can help you? Fill out our contact form at to start a conversation.

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