Today’s medical devices are becoming increasingly more intricate and precise, allowing very little room for error. A fraction of a millimeter may seem minuscule to the average layperson, but when we’re talking about a medical device designed to harvest tissue for a biopsy, that deviation can be life-altering.

That’s why medical device developers partner with GMI Corporation and our array of CNC machines. As an ISO 13485-certified, FDA-registered, and ITAR-registered collaborative contract manufacturer with precision CNC machining expertise, GMI Corporation has extensive experience with global medical device OEMs. Our attention to detail and exactness, coupled with machinery designed to leave no room for error, means every metal component or device is designed to do its job accurately.

CNC machining

CNC machining employs computer-controlled machines to cut materials into specific shapes and sizes. GMI’s expert machinists program our CNC machines to handle these complex and precise tasks, producing parts in specific sizes and tolerances, consistently. Each piece is then carefully cleaned, tumbled, and inspected before moving on to the next manufacturing step. When applicable, controlled conditions within a sterile environment ensure that the resulting parts or assemblies meet the high standards for the medical field.

CNC advantages for medical devices

CNC machining carries specific advantages that give it an edge in medical manufacturing. With tight tolerances (±0.0002″ / +/-.00508mm) and intricate geometries, customers know they can rely on GMI’s CNC machines and GMI’s highly skilled CNC machine operators for their life-saving devices and components. Note the benefits of CNC machining, especially as it applies to medical metal parts and devices:

  • Precision: CNC machines achieve extremely high levels of precision and accuracy. This is especially important in an industry where each variable, from the smallest metal component to the assembled device, must meet strict specifications and quality standards.
  • Consistency: We like to say that “good enough isn’t good enough,” especially when it comes to producing metal parts for medical devices. Our CNC machines produce large quantities of parts that are virtually identical, ensuring consistency and uniformity in the final product.
  • Flexibility: Medical devices have been designed to be both efficient and specific when it comes to their tasks. Ideally, they do this job while minimizing the impact on the patient. Many medical devices rely on parts with complex shapes and geometries, designed to handle their tasks efficiently and accurately. CNC machines and trained operators can handle the challenge and produce parts that rely on intricate, intentional designs.
  • Speed: Medical devices can only do their job when they’re in the right hands. CNC machines produce parts quickly and efficiently, which is important for medical devices that need to be produced in large quantities to meet growing demand.
  • Material versatility: CNC machines work with a wide range of metals and composites, giving manufacturers greater flexibility in their choice of materials for medical devices.

Medical device manufacturing OEMs need a manufacturing partner who is as committed to perfection as they are. At GMI, we believe in investing in the finest CNC machines – as well as highly skilled CNC machine operators – to ensure that our customers receive the finest finished product. From surgery to orthopedic products and biopsy devices, GMI is your trusted partner for metal parts and medical device development.

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