GMI Corporation was approached by the founders of Suros Surgical who developed a vacuum assisted, disposable breast biopsy device called ATEC. Suros was later acquired by Hologic, Inc. The founders were aware of GMI’s track record in high precision machining and asked for assistance with their mechanical drivetrain assemblies and cylinders. GMI improved the drivetrain design and perfected the machining of the components with tightly held tolerances and employed high quality, value-added assembly processes of the drivetrains. Over the years, GMI has become the experts in Hologic’s drivetrain assemblies and cylinders. GMI significantly increased its capacity staying one step ahead of our customer as Hologic experienced significant growth in this specialized market segment.

GMI Corporation was asked to assist Hologic in the drivetrain product development of their second breast biopsy device called Eviva. The Eviva device gave Hologic expanded capabilities in reaching and controlling tissue samplings. Similar to the ATEC line, GMI set up procurement of multiple components whose vendors are held accountable via GMI’s receiving inspection process which is part of their ISO 13485 Quality System. The more complex designs of the drivetrain are produced at GMI today in a lean manufacturing environment.

GMI has become a key vendor for Hologic earning a strong, trusted, long term relationship with them. Hologic awarded GMI as one of their top quality suppliers worldwide. GMI has earned a reputation of being a cost effective manufacturer by sharing unsolicited cost savings with our customers that we have acquired through improved processes and procurement relationships.

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