Looking into CNC machinist careers near you? For dedicated individuals, a career in CNC machining holds great potential. CNC machining is supported by engineers, designers, modelers, machinists, assemblers, finishers and fulfillment team members, all working together to craft precision high-tolerance parts.

A complex and growing field, CNC machining touches on everything from manufacturing to advanced robotics and serves industries such as medical device, RF, agriculture, optical and numerous others. Additionally, the demand for skilled CNC operators continues to skyrocket.

CNC – Computer Numerical Control – originated back in the 1950s. Then, it was mechanical punch cards directing machine tools to take certain actions. Now, CNC machines are operated by advanced computers and programs that control tools capable of entire series of actions, workpiece rotations, tool changes and countless other specific directions in the course of a single programmed operation. Currently, the applications for CNC technology are nearly limitless.

CNC Operator Training Courses

Trade schools across Indiana offer CNC training programs. Often area high schools offer shop classes that cover beginning CNC machining as well. Additionally, many CNC-focused manufacturers offer apprenticeships.

CNC operators or technicians require strengths in these core skills:

  • Knowledge of G-Code
  • Knowledge of Machinery: Lathes, Milling Machines, Drills & Routers  
  • Ability to Read CAD/CAM Designs
  • Knowledge of Metals
  • Knowledge of Design for Manufacturability

Free Training for CNC Machinists

We hear a lot about the skills gap and labor shortages within the trades. Additionally, students are primarily encouraged to go to a four-year college after high school and are often unaware of other career paths available to them.

The truth is the skills gap is wider than it’s ever been and labor shortages continue to plague manufacturers, but there is good news for trades like CNC machining. Titans of CNC offer a completely free CNC academy to lift up students, educators and the manufacturing workforce. The free online academy is being used in over 170 countries with hundreds of online courses for all skill levels. Whether you are looking to learn the fundamentals of CNC machining or grow your craft, Titans of CNC Academy has something for everyone.

The Titans of CNC program has inspired students across the globe of the possibilities in a CNC machining career in manufacturing. The machine shop and manufacturing floor of tomorrow will be filled with CNC machines, 3D printers, robots and industrial automation. We love that high schools and programs like Titans CNC Academy are working to open the door to a CNC machining career path and allowing students to envision a robust future career.

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