CNC Machined Waveguide Interconnect Case Study


With extensive experience in precision CNC machining, subassembly, and full assembly of intricate detail and tight tolerance precision turned components, GMI was selected to collaborate with a large innovative global electronics manufacturer in the development and manufacturer of an ultra-small form factor, next-generation high-frequency waveguide component.


The client came to GMI during the prototype stage and asked the GMI team to help create a process to manufacture a waveguide with tolerances down to ±.0002” and critical geometric dimensioning related to true position, flatness and perpendicularity.

The machining process for the interior of the part posed the greatest challenge with features requiring a Ø.050” end mill and thousands of lines of CNC code to machine the complex internal features.”. Getting the end mill to the proper speeds, in excess of 20K RPM, was critical to establishing a stable process and allowing for the best tool-life and repeatable high-quality parts.


With intricate detail and tight tolerance precision turned expertise, GMI was able to guide the OEM in their design considerations, tolerances and geometric dimensioning that were vital to the performance of the component.

Historically, part measurement is a standard and straightforward process. In the case of this particular waveguide, it took several days of programming on GMI’s Micro-Vu Vertex System to record measurement data that the client and GMI could be confident within.

Together, GMI and the client evaluated design for manufacturability and overall measurability. Through an R&D process, GMI was able to adjust and optimize the manufacturability of the part.


A stable and repeatable process that is highly-effective in meeting the tight tolerances and geometric dimensioning for the manufacture of the high precision component was defined. GMI is pleased to be in first position for future orders of the waveguide. Additionally, through the R&D process and led by the complex measurement requirements for this particular component, GMI invested in a new state-of-the-art multi-senor CMM for continuous improvement and better and faster measuring of unusual geometric shape and intricate detail parts.


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