Experiencing a cylindrical air or gas valve component hurdle? GMI can help. With a broad range of CNC machining capabilities and materials to meet your custom part requirements, we’re a go-to supplier for global OEMs. We know the importance of quality, attention to detail and timely delivery. GMI has the necessary knowledge and workforce to meet all your precision air/gas valve component needs.

Often the most vulnerable part of an assembly, air/gas valves are commonly made of brass, but can also be manufactured from carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and nickel alloys. OEMs and end users count on air and gas valves to do their job time and time again, whether regulating flow or pressure, stopping and starting, adjusting or controlling direction. They are a key component that requires high precision. A faulty valve can cause all sorts of hazards – to the device, the user and the environment.  

High precision CNC machining services

GMI is an employee-owned company that has more than 35 years of experience manufacturing turned parts from different metals and with challenging geometries. We have a staff of experienced engineers and machinists who are experts at utilizing multi-tasking mill-turn lathes including sliding-headstock lathes (commonly referred to as Swiss-style lathes or CNC Screw machines). Our multi-axis, multi-spindle lathes allow us to complete the most complex parts in one operation.

Expertise across multiple industries

GMI Corporation is an ISO 13485-certified, FDA-registered and ITAR-registered contract manufacturer of high-precision CNC machined parts. We have extensive expertise across several industries, including Medical Device, RF Connectors, Medical Gas, Aerospace & Defense, Hydraulics, Industrial & Machinery, and Optical industries. We have the tools and skills to help you clear that air/gas component hurdle.

Quality control and sophisticated Swiss-style CNC Turned Parts

Sophisticated cylinder valve components can be a challenge for some contract manufacturers. It is imperative that you use the appropriate metals and design processes that meet the individual product’s specifications. GMI maintains the highest quality management system. This dedication ensures product quality, on-time delivery and exceptional customer service for the customers that we serve.

Need a go-to partner for a custom CNC machined cylindrical air/gas valve component with on-time delivery? Let’s chat.

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