Are you baffled as to why your CNC machined component RFQ has a no-quote? If you’ve had this experience, it can be frustrating, especially when it happens across the board on every RFQ.

You may think the CNC machining vendors just want to avoid a hard-to-produce part, but generally that’s not the case. 

Most precision CNC machining contract manufacturers love the challenge of a complex part and thrive within intricate tolerances. 

The dreaded no-quote can come for a variety of reasons — possibly the volume is too high or low for a specific partner, the part tolerance is outside their capabilities, or maybe the RFQ was never received. Generally though, it boils down to one of these six reasons.

Why CNC Machining Vendors No-Quote

  1. Manufacturability. The vendor may feel that the part can’t be made efficiently given the defined specifications or lack of specifications. The part may not be at the true production stage and the vendor doesn’t want to tie up valuable engineering resources while tackling design for manufacturability (DFM). 
  2. The part is too large or small. CNC machining vendors have defined tolerance capabilities that their specific lathe equipment can work best within to produce consistent precision parts. The part may fall outside of those tolerances. 
  3. The part is too low or high volume. A CNC machining vendor may not want to tie up valuable machine capacity with low volume parts, or may not have the capacity to take on your volume.
  4. Tolerances are too tight. Tight tolerances with complex geometry, specific surface finishes and difficult profiles can be extremely hard to produce consistently and inspect efficiently. 
  5. Technical expertise, tooling or skills aren’t a match. The part may require specialized tooling or skills outside the vendor’s expertise. 
  6. Materials. Obscure material specifications may present manufacturing and sourcing challenges.

If a recent no-quote has you frustrated, your best bet is finding a collaborative CNC machining partner like GMI Corporation that likes figuring out a solution for the manufacture of a complex CNC machined part or component. 

We’re the guys and gals with true curiosity. The harder a part is to produce, the more we want to figure it out. We thrive within intricate tolerances and collaborative relationships. We love figuring out the best way to produce a complex part, how to streamline for DFM or design for assembly (DFA) and improve cost, if possible. 

When you send the GMI team an RFQ, we go through the following questions

  • Is our technical expertise a fit?
  • Is our tooling a match?
  • Is the part or component at the production lifecycle stage?
  • Are ALL the specifications outlined? 
  • Are there special handling requirements?
  • Has a unique metal been specified? 
  • Are there any serious concerns about DFM or DFA?
  • What is the volume and the expected delivery date?
  • Is there a target piece price?
  • Are there any outside processes needed?
  • Has this piece been no-quoted? 

CNC Machining Experts 

At our core, we love a challenge and establishing collaborative relationships. We’re not a job shop, nor do we want to be. Our sweet spot is bridging the gap for OEMs with manufacturing and value-add services such as assembly, sub-assembly and kitting services. We’re precision CNC machining experts in it for the long-haul. With a robust product engineering team, we thrive within long-term partnerships. This level of integration allows us to develop products designed for efficiency and performance from the outset.

Curious if we’re a fit for your CNC machined part? 

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