On-time, reliable precision parts are ultimately what keeps customers happy and coming back, but what if your CNC machining partner is no longer hitting the mark?

Breaking up with a contract manufacturing partner is never easy, particularly if you have a long history together and formerly enjoyed reliable high-quality service. But sometimes, cutting ties is necessary and what’s best for your operational excellence. Let’s explore a few key signs that may point to the need for a new CNC machining partner.

3 Signs It’s Time for a New CNC Machining Partner

  1. Part quality is dropping. When you are continually receiving out of specification, inconsistent parts, it can be extremely frustrating and time-consuming. Precision parts and components help you maintain your competitive edge. If a vendor isn’t addressing a quality issue quickly, it can point to bigger internal problems within their operations.
  2. Parts are not on-time. How often do you receive a shipment that is either late, incomplete, or incorrect? Are the excuses never-ending? When on-time delivery issues become a regular occurrence, it can be time-consuming, costly, and point to a less than competent supplier.
  3. Traceability is becoming an issue. Are you starting to think traceability is just a marketing buzzword for your vendor? Do you have doubts as to the accuracy of their record keeping? Documented procedures and accurate record keeping are key in being able to react quickly to any issues. Vendor traceability issues can be a big regulatory compliance risk for an OEM. 

Subpar, late, and non-traceable parts waste your time and money. Don’t let it go on too long, when there are reliable high-precision CNC machining partners like GMI Corporation ready to ramp up, get you back on track and help you shine in the marketplace.

Learn more about Indiana-based GMI Corporation

As an ISO 13485 Certified, FDA Registered, and ITAR Registered collaborative CNC machining contract manufacturer, GMI has been providing sophisticated Swiss-style and multi-axis lathe capabilities to medical device, RF connector, aerospace, defense, and other demanding industries for more than 30 years. Valued customers rely on GMI for precision turned components requiring intricate detail, tight tolerances  (±0.0002″ / +/-.00508mm), and specialty metals.  

As a full-service contract manufacturer, GMI also features a suite of machines for degreasing and tumbling, dedicated assembly and sub-assembly areas, kitting and labeling capabilities, a controlled environment room, and a fully capable quality and metrology lab.

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